Southern Phantom: The white-faced horse who’s the talk of the racecourse

His career as a racehorse has barely begun, yet according to his trainer people are already lining up for a chance to use Southern Phantom as a stud.
The two-year-old colt hasn’t even won any of the three races he’s run, but he’s already got the popularity of a horse that’s won a triple crown — and it’s all because of his unique look.

The social media star boasts a unique coat — a bay-colored body with a face that looks like it’s been dipped in a bucket of white paint. Southern Phantom also has mismatched blue and brown eyes, a balayage tail that feathers out to blonde and white knee-high socks.

“Most beautiful and unusual (horse) I have ever seen,” fans write on the colt’s Facebook page.

“I have never seen a thoroughbred with these markings,” another writes. “Absolute highlight of my visit to Saratoga (Race Course) this year.”

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