Mushrkon ya Watan “An initiative to distribute a wide range of medical and preventive supplies for free

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In support of His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Saeed bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, the first initiative of its kind, entitled “Mushrkon ya Watan ”, will be launched next Sunday from Al Ain, with the aim of distributing a wide range of medical and preventive supplies free of charge to a wide segment of citizens and residents, in order to enhance the health and safety of society , In the face of the Corona virus “Covid-19”.
This initiative, which was launched with the initiative and contribution of the “Golden Health” Foundation for Health Care Services in coordination with a number of government agencies. Based on the directives of the leadership, and the measures taken by the governmental and health authorities regarding confronting this epidemic, and in an effort to motivate the private sector in finding scientific and medical means to confront this epidemic.
His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Saeed bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan said: “This initiative comes within the framework of our wise leadership’s concern to enhance the health and safety of society and confront this global epidemic, through which we seek to actively participate in a set of preventive measures that protect our society from citizens and residents.”
His Excellency added: “Since the beginning of the spread of this epidemic, our rational government has been take all measures to protect the people of the Emirates, who have also proven that they have a great responsibility in facing this epidemic with the participation of many parties,” expressing his thanks to the Golden Health Foundation, which is one of the The leading healthcare organizations in the region and the world in implementing this important initiative.
His Excellency continued: “Through this initiative, we present a unique model to the whole world in close cooperation between governmental and private sectors in order to preserve our country in facing various challenges, which is the approach upon which we founded in our father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul.”
Dr. Wissam Theeb, Chairman of the Golden Healthcare Foundation, said: “We launched this initiative from Al Ain today from our national role and our social responsibility as a private sector in contributing to government efforts to fight Corona Virus Coffid-19.”
He added that this initiative is launched today as a first stage in Al Ain, and we look forward to distributing the largest number of medical preventive supplies in many emirates and regions of the country that contain protective methods that consist of a face shield mask and others as well as a booklet on its use, which is an effective way to face this epidemic “.
In conclusion, Dr. Theeb extended his thanks and gratitude for the great efforts made by government agencies in fighting the epidemic such as the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, the Ministry of Media, the Health Authority in Abu Dhabi, and all Community Contributions Authority.

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