Is there repentance ?? – Written by Dr. El-Sayed Awad —

Recently, the whole world drifted into vice. The anomaly spread, and we saw a man marrying another and a female from another. The marriage of a woman to a dog or a donkey, not to mention anomaly. The terrorist, let alone what China did with the Muslims, as well as the Philippines and Russia
Also, the strange transformation in the Islamic countries themselves and their transformation from one extreme to the other, agreeing to spread promiscuity, immorality, drinking alcohol, and the spread of vice in order to convert to civil states. Some have denied the cleansing Sunnah and contented themselves with the Holy Qur’an.
Horizons came out to us everywhere by showing and presenting deviants and thugs, as they are myths and stars of society, and true models and myths are absent. Science and scholars are absent. The scientific research is absent.
We must stop all of this and return to the values ​​and principles and highlight the distinctive models in all societies, Islamic and non-Islamic. We must return to God, the whole world must cooperate in facing this scourge, and racism will end and peace will prevail in the whole world.
And that every human being is free in his belief, provided that those of other faiths do not harm your religion and you have a religion

And if your Lord willed to be safe from all on Earth all of them

O people, fear your Lord and Akhcoa days do not reward the father for his son is not born jazz from his father, something that God promised the right to do Tgrenkm life is not tempted by God, vanity

{And they fear a Day when you shall return to God)

O owners of preponderant minds and conscious hearts, work for the day of reckoning, and do not be tempted by the length of hope, so they forgot to work, for death comes suddenly, and the king of death takes upon me by surprise, and you to worship God alone are created (and I did not create heaven and man except to worship Him) [Al-Zariat]: 56 The threshold of his slavery, and then they preached good hope
Is there repentance and return to God ??????

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