Dr. Jamal garnish

.Paintings topped out by the majestic size of the corridors of the Indian Museum of Art The space of the mind without paying attention to it in front of the beauty and prestige of art pieces that belong to the late Palestinian artist Jamal Gharibeh Born in Gaza Palestine 1947 and who graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts / Istanbul in 1988 and had PhD in Fine Arts From the University of Taslem / Turkey.

Paintings in which the halls of the hindiah Gallery of Arts, which remained on the covenant, abounded to enrich us with the unique artistic experiences among the halls of the gallery.

between the paintings of an artist carrying the message of the struggling Palestinian human spirit, which appears clearly and rarely to cover the paintings with tones of blue shades, using the fiery metallic colors that the bird sparse The Palestinian is a national symbol of Palestine, and we are sure that the Palestinian bird hides beneath the feather of its feather with fiery colors, including the burning fire and orange with the burning flame, this symbol is to express the extent of struggle and steadfastness under the ashes Palestinian diaspora.

Looking closely at these quiet paintings, the calmness of the blue sea, which spread the painting by its stark calmness under the raging waves, expresses the rebellious self lying in the conscience of the artist, Gharbia, when he used the symbol of strong horses as a metaphor for the strength of the travelers of Palestine and their resilience and steadfast resistance.

And since art is nothing more than a true translation of what is wandering in the depths of the human soul full of mixed feelings, we see it waving on the horizon Palestine by its powerful men, the muscular people, the symbol of virility and steadfastness as leaders of the artist’s Western paintings, and they are characterized by strength and impulse stained with one color book that harmonizes with a quiet hormone with a vast horizon that sends The message of preparation and defense of the remaining diaspora news.
as in his paintings, are bodies under ash No. 3, 4.

And people he drew are part of the homeland, but are the homeland, pains and beloved, when he dreamed of the silence of the dreaming woman to show the charming beauty and a harmonious calm that wrestles with the revolution of the place and the sweetness of the scent of the land that has long dreamed of returning to the artist Western.

People dream and look from the window of alienation and send messages of love and peace through the symbolism of the bird, symbol of tenderness, tenderness and joy, as well as in his paintings People / Window on the World / Dream / From the Past.

The wild horse does not leave Western plates, but it came as a powerful revolutionary full of violence, walking with all pride and dignity, like the pride of the people of the earth who pledged to resist and stand as a tall mountain that repels the creaks of war and injustice.
As in his paintings, the look of Amal / Suhail.

But despite all the struggles comes a look of authentic Arab hope practicing rituals on the ancestral land full of enthusiasm, ready for a return.
As in his portrait / meditation.

Still hoping to return looms on the horizons of his expectations when he highlighted the symbol of hope and a prosperous future, as he used the symbolism of the child in some of his paintings carrying orange that smells of the scents of the dust of Palestine sometimes and holds the reins when I trust in the strong saddle horse that he and with him united arms for a prospective return to the promised land Gaza in 2000 brought them to the reconstruction and completion of the march of progress after an artistic history filled with many collective exhibitions that were referred to the Arab and international artistic awards that he won and represented Palestine as a homeland and cause.

He passed away when he returned homeland to unite with its soil to shelter his buried body.
The body of the Palestinian artist in Gaza, the land of steadfastness,
is also in his paintings. Witness / Sammoud.

Faten aldawoud

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