Conscience crisis ———- Written by Dr. El-Sayed Awad

In this exceptional period in human life and the spread of the krona epidemic, I do not care about the discourse of those who talk about noble human morals and do not have a mustard seed from them and I do not care from preaching preachers in mosques and churches about faith and piety unless I find these virtues an impact on their behavior and do not care for those who look at All fields, sciences and disciplines, and they almost draw birds in the air from theoretical abundance, as long as they are not serious, firm, steadfast and hypocritical. I also do not pay attention to those who attend the places of worship for prayer. If the prayer ends, they quickly rush to their usual cafes to resume its series. M the endless long of hypocrisy and gossip and backbiting and falsehood.
The death of conscience appears between the buyer and the merchant, between the professor and the student, between the contractor and the owner of the project, between the husband and wife, and between the official and the citizen. I hope that each of these two parties to these bilateral relations will give up these behaviors and, in return, show some responsibility with a clear conscience. So let the teacher realize the magnitude of the responsibility and the noble message that was entrusted to him in building the society of tomorrow and quitting all behavior that would offend this noble task and that the merchant refrain from monopolizing goods and the increase in prices as we see it now and exploiting the need and panic of the consumer and between the doctor Toward his patient in need of health care and great care, let every person think about how to serve his human brother away from his exploitation in times of crisis
I hope that we raise our living conscience to a society that firmly, firmly and definitively abandons bribery, adulation, hypocrisy, submission, and surrender … I hope that we rise to the renaissance people who compete in achieving the highest levels of reading for books that are read and studied every year and the number of intellectual articles And educational and scientific research that it produces that live up to the aspirations of free thought … In my life I have not encountered an intellectual who talks about the number of books he reads in a year and do I own a library of books and magazines and newspapers that are aimed and specialized not newspapers of accidents and slander and enjoy the songs of festivals and jokes and fake myth and other trivialities So think Joe inactivity and inertia and laziness makes the ambition and industriousness grandfather and selling out Ousolah and hypocrisy.

Finally, I hope that every citizen will acquire a live conscience that respects and means the safety and cleanliness of every new bus or metro line. We commend it and sanctifies and respects every garden. For health care, treatment, and reverence when the places of worship are used to intending to contact their creator, and then they will change and change a lot from what we suffer … until then, long live you, people of consciences, the best support for us.

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