Man is always seeking for success , wealth and fame , It’s a natural demand for every hope lover life.

some can reach underneath wishes running towards him made of pure gold, silver or maybe glass but differs from one to another depends on what he owns of certainty and perception.

It can be scarce for many people thinking will never knock poor doors.

But it really exists strongly with the perception in absence of blessings will be gratitude.

We all should know, learn and appreciate what we have in hands full of treasures with skills and knowledge.

When we distort certainty Will come despite negativity in mind , when fate taught us perception of God is to try tirelessly seeking no doubt the coming of pure gold.

Gratitude approxes distance between hope and counting blessings we have eye closure from mind the awareness of God existing.

And can increases the blessings that we have without feeling how great what we own.

Satisfaction with what God has divided is a cult in itself has all the desired benefits and blesses the things that we have got to protect it from decrease.

If we know how to appreciate it we will realise how to live among endless countless beauty of life especially now a days.

Let’s get back to revive rituals of gratitude cause it will achieve livelihood Aura that we lost someday somehow.

Written by Faten aldawoud

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