Requirements for Successful Management of Projects or Companies

Dr.ELsayed Awad
Project management in this era has become an important topic that requires entrepreneurs to have a better understanding, broader and more comprehensive understanding that enables them to more effective and productive management in any type of business and project. There is a set of foundations for any project owner or company to undertake to ensure its success in managing its project:

Planning is everything
Experts believed when they said: “The first half of success is planning, and the second half is .. planning!”, Planning is the act that determines the path in which the foot steps in the future, a stage that is often overlooked. It is neither logical nor feasible to manage a project without a plan. Rather, it can be assured that there is no project without a plan. Planning is the cornerstone of any project. At this stage, it sets a detailed plan for how to implement the project, how to monitor it, and how to end it, as no strings are left or contained in the project unless you have planned it
A common mistake in planning any project is the assumption that no errors occur during its implementation, which is incorrect. It is best to expect errors and develop alternative plans to ensure that such errors are dealt with and addressed by making adjustments to the project implementation plan that must be somewhat flexible. This process enables looking at a set of errors that can occur during the implementation of the project and determining the severity of each of these errors and how to deal with and overcome them.
Rationalization of expenditures, good financial management and a good budget are important elements for your success in your project. If large companies use accurate accounting systems. These systems put into practice from the start and carefully calculate everything that is spent and accurately
And must be gradual in achieving the objectives of the project because
Success and achieving project goals is not achieved overnight. If you think about one-jump style and accomplish all of your project tasks at once, surely the cost will be exorbitant, so certain goals may be achieved at the expense of other goals. The gradient approach is the path to success, because the gradient in order to achieve your project goals makes the steps drawn accurately and balanced.

And also there must be time to accomplish that
We often hear this complaint: “It was not enough time to finish the project” and “I wish the time given to us to complete the project was sufficient.” The project manager should strive to obtain the expected time to complete each of the activities necessary to establish the project, because of the good results that result in the exit of the final product in a distinct quality.
Also, the elements of the work team should be carefully chosen and strive to include everyone who has experience in the project, and beware of resorting to relatives and acquaintances regardless of their experiences. A good team is involved in making the project a success. Team building must be based on a set of skills and expertise, not just once they are available
Also, the administration must have commercial awareness, as this skill is considered to be largely essential for employers, as most administrative roles lack commercial awareness, such as realizing the mission and goals of the organization, understanding the sector to which the company belongs, and possessing knowledge of political and economic issues that affect Working with this skill gives preference to the manager and the ability to achieve successful management of his company.

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