Extremism and influence on society  

By / Soha Mohammed Saad

Extremism is an expression that spread among sociologists in the 1960s 1970s it is used to describe ideas or unjustified acts. In terms of ideas, this term is used to describe political plans that are far from the political orientation of society. In business terms, this term is often used to attempt political or social change. In a way of subversion or violence the term “extremism” or “extremist” is said permanently by others, rather than a particular group that can count itself as well. For example, there is no Muslim or Christian community calling itself extremist, and no political party calls itself an extremist Classifying a person, group, or action as an extremist is often a technique to achieve a political goal, especially for governments where it’s used to put laws , or even to start wars. . An extremist in the opinion of one person is a ‘freedom fighter’ in the opinion of another. ”Extremism is felt and sensed by the beliefs prevailing at the time of the title. History and beliefs at another time may tell a different story. One of the reasons for extremism is the Ignorance and violence, extremist religious and cultural intolerance in recent years, terrorist groups in Iraq and the Levant have formed, our perception of violent extremism, and discussion on how to stop this threat. The message of these groups based on intolerance – religious, cultural and social – has had consequences in many regions of the world. By occupying territory, using social media to report their violent crimes on time, they seek to challenge our common values of peace, justice and human this is because of extremist religion and culture intolerance. Of the radicalization that led to terrorism like what happened in 2001, it is a series of attacks in the United States. Four commercial civilian transport aircraft went to hit specific targets, three of which were successful. The targets were the Twin Towers of the International Trade Center in Manhattan and the Pentagon. These events have caused a large number of deaths and missing, in addition to thousands of injured and sick from inhaling fire smoke and toxic fumes this is because of ignorance and violence. Extremism is a disease that is the cause of the destruction of states it creates political dictatorship and social despair.
The majority of individuals with extremist views do not turn to the terrorist act. The majority of individuals with extremist views do not turn to the terrorist act and People who are influential in society should not use violence against people for a political purpose because it is an illegal act.
Respect for differences of opinion is also an essential element of a thriving healthy society. In order to establish a sustainable solution to extremism, measures and methods must be implemented within a framework that respects human rights and the rule of law.

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