Why countries decide to move their capitals

Nesma seif write

Indonesia is pressing ahead with plans to move its capital from the traffic-choked city of Jakarta to the island of Borneo. The precise location has not yet been revealed – nor has a timeline – but President Joko Widodo formally launched the scheme in parliament on 16 August.

Reasons for moving the capital are not hard to find. Jakarta is sinking by an average of 1-15cm a year. Almost half the city is now below sea level. It sits on swampy land , the Java Sea lapping against it, and 13 rivers running through it.

Its traffic jams are notorious: in 2016, a survey found that the mega-city had the world’s worst traffic congestion. Government ministers have to be escorted by police convoys to get to meetings on time.

The greater urban area has a population of 30 million. Only about 2-4% of its waste water is treated.

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