Orman60 years experience in the range of education

Report of : Nouran El Refy
It is the greatest institution the middle east . (60 year
experience) in the range of education.
The number of its schools reached 110 schools , distributed in
Egypt,s governorates (Arabic schools , Language schools ,hotel
schools , schools for special needers ) .
It obtained ISO certificate which is a scientific certificate and it
is not donated to anyone except those who are implemented to
all excellence terms .
It also obtained Genis.s encyclopedia and donated it to Egypt .
Orman schools depend on active learning where the teacher
devides the students into groups which work as aggregation
from . they aer asked to do an activity that serves the lesson .
therefore it presents the most modern education (system to
activate the promotion of education . It also cares about
computer to promote every refacion in the quick world
technology through the quick world technology through the
presence of computer laboratories which are equipped wite the
most modern style (A system for every child ) .
The laboratories contain smart screcns Board and wite Board
and also air conditioners which help the pupils to enter the
exam of the exam of the international computer licences on the
net in order to be qualified to obtain in order to be qualified to obtain it later . Also there are science Laboratories equipped
with all the needs to apply the lesson practically .
It also establishes a scientific club where pupils who like
sciences can participate to make experiences and encourages
them to make a fair and competition for their products.
There is in every school a theatre , a mosque , a swimming pool
and a garden with areas , beginning from the nursery stage ,
the teacher . teaches the computer , the science and the French
and German Languages orally . there are Buses and the
supervisors teach in the school .
The Orman school cares for different activities to enable the
child to desire the school through different sports activities and
the educational activities ( practicing , races , science , poems ,
and the initial students and artificial amusing parties to give the
students the chance to show their talents . the open day party ,
is a party done at the end of every term to every class .
The teacher and her students do a theatrical or entertaining
work where she presents a common summarized for all what is
done during the term with the presence of all the parents.
She also cares to specialize two periods every week teaching
the holy Koran and this encludes the eslamic period
Of the ministry program .
The Orman assembly also owns a private hospital for treating
cancer patients that serves 6 Governorates in upper Egypt . it
does the heart operations (open heart , operation , for treating

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