Bangladesh lynchings: Eight killed by mobs over false child abduction rumours

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Eight people have been killed in mob attacks in Bangladesh after false rumours about child abductions spread online, police have said.

The victims were targeted over rumours that human sacrifices were needed to build the Padma Bridge, south of the capital Dhaka.

Rumours claimed children were being beheaded as offerings to the $3bn (£2.4bn) project.

Vigilante groups in turn lynched people they suspected of kidnappings.
None of the victims were involved in child abduction, police chief Javed Patwary told reporters in Dhaka.

Taslima Begum, a single mother of two children aged 11 and four, was among the eight people killed. More than 30 people were reportedly attacked over the rumours.

Eight people were arrested over Ms Begum’s murder, and five others are being held in connection with the rumours, according to AFP news agency.

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