The winner loser

The injustices and oppressions cases that afflict any society that seeks progress can not exclude any citizen living with it on the same land because humanity imposes on us many things, including helping everyone
That happening in this world and the large number of people afflicted by financial crises can lead to a great future disaster and I follow through some of the pictures and found myself standing in front of a great humanitarian tragedy in Yemen this Arab country whose people suffer from the scourge of war all the countries of the world didn’t find a solution to the problem of this war destroyed the happy Yemen,
Problems between brothers must be resolved as quickly as possible
Because every day delay in resolving them increasing the humanitarian situation of these simple people
The curse of the wars that have befallen the Arab world if we thought even for a moment what has been presented during the past years of the destruction of infrastructure in every Arab country and the death of thousands of civilians without any reason
My question here is very simple:
Where are we from the map of the world?
Why fighting and conflict between the brothers?
What will be the benefit of these wars?
In my opinion, the winner is loser because a drop of blood is worth so much, especially the blood of children, women, old people and the sick who die for no reason. Their only sin is that they live on this land. We are all the different brothers among us. Our Arabic language common us together and we have to same religion .
If we return to reason and human conscience, those wars have stopped from the first month of wisdom and can all be interacted and sit at a round table and put the fate of their homeland and the blood of innocents who die without any reason
And here we begin to hold a self revision for any action we do toward our Arab countries because the hour of departure will come to every human being on earth and must think of everything he does in this life
All my words were a wish in myself and I loved to put them from my great love for the entire Arab nation from the ocean to the gulf , we will remain brothers to the last age
Jihad Hassan

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