? What is the benefit of the appendicitis

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in fact The role of appendicitis in the human body is not yet clear, and some researchers believe that it is useless to the human body and has resulted in this belief resort to the eradication of appendicitis to prevent and treat many diseases, for example resort to eradicate them in the case According to reliable statistics, the risk of meningitis was 8.6% during their lifetime, while women were estimated to have appendicitis by 6.7%. It should be noted that there are many cases where appendectomy is removed as a preventive measure to the occurrence of some health problems and not as a treatment, and this may result in the number of cases of appendectomy exceeds the number of cases of infection. However, it is important to note that appendectomy is a risk and that it is also a risk infection. On the other hand, some researchers have shown that the worm has a useful role for the human body as it is a useful bacteria shelter. It has been shown that these bacteria help to promote digestion and support the function of the immune system. It should be noted that researchers have noticed the high rates of appendicitis since the use of systems This means that the human body is more susceptible to diseases including appendicitis

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