The mega star Rushdi Abaza

The mega star
Rushdi Abaza
Nesma seif
Rushdi Abaza (August 2, 1926 – July 27, 1980)
An Egyptian artist, Rushdi Said Baghdadi Abaza, was born on August 2, 1927 in Cairo to an Egyptian father who works as a police officer and is promoted to the ranks of an Italian brigade and mother named Laila Gorgenino. He was educated at St. Mark’s School in Alexandria Al-Fareer School in Cairo. After completing his high school diploma, he joined the Aviation College but he could not tolerate military life. After three years he moved to the Faculty of Commerce, but he did not complete his university studies because of his passion for sport. The artist “Tahiya Karioka” continued their marriage around 3 years, and then married the American “Barbara” from which his only daughter was “divided” and then separated after 4 years marriage. While his third wife is the artist “Samia Jamal”, who married in 1962 and despite the fact that their marriage lasted about 18 years, He also married his wife, Sabah, whom he married in 1967, only two weeks ago. Samia Jamal was still on his duress, and finally married two years before his death by his cousin Nabila Abaza. It was not one of Rushdie Abaza’s dreams, One day, but broke into the artwork by accident after you know in one of the billiard halls on the hole “Barakat”, which he presented in cinema for the first time through the film “The Little Millionaire” in 1948. He also helped him in five different languages ​​to work in international cinema, where he traveled in 1950 to Italy, and participated in the championship of a number of foreign films, Italian “Asia Norris” and “Woman of Fire” in front of the famous star “Camellia” and “The Ten Commandments” directed by Cecile Damele, but returned to Cairo to reclaim his stars with the film “Woman on the Road” in 1958. The famous artist “Rushdie Abaza” Egyptian cinema with its charm and charm until it became the first female lover in the sixties and seven And his ability to diversify in his roles between romance, comedy and tragedy. His most prominent films are: Jamila, Islamah, Man in Our House, The Way, No Time for Love, The Three Devils, “The Little Witch”, “The Little Witch”, “The Tale of the Nile”, “The Bride of the Nile”, “Something in My Chest”, “Behind the Sun”, “I Want a Solution”, “The Second Man” Lost “and” lost my age and my father. “On August 27, 1980, the artist” Rushdie Abaza “died at the age of fifty-four years after suffering from brain cancer, and the last film finished filming But his death “I will return without tears” and then participated in the film “The mighty”, who died during filming and could not finish it, completed by the able artist “Salah Nadhmi” instead

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