The art .. Faten aldawoud From Jordan

The art …

If we look back to the word of ( art ) in Greek language means ( Techne ) and in Latin language means manufacturing hand crafts like carpentry, black smithing and other artificial crafts.
But in Greek philosophy which differs between artificial crafts than fine Arts.
( Plato ) pointed out art subjects is beauty creation for away from sensitive daily life and translation of delightful breath of breath of creation subconscious mind for creative products to express the unconscious self through suitable Center to subtract beautiful thoughts by useful social messages.

And the receiver’s roll is flying through unknown meditation to read those creative messages that raise doubts, mistrust and mind all to gather.

As ( Sentiana ) said art is Aesthetics pleasure to look back sailling via meditation waves and comfortable self.
( TOLSTOY ) admitted Art is kind of human activity for man sending emotions to others by Technical treatment full of inner ideas in unsubcocious mind in several times depends on artist to spread clear creation on white flat surface will take some time reaching creative ideas for perfect end.

By featured artist called by the name of ( Genius) in the first time in 18th century like ( Kant ) for his philosophical writings by massive motivation and emotions creating ability full of strength of magic music by ( Tchaikovsky) and Art masterpieces by Van Gogh.

Not to forget Art surface have to be selected carefully treating Art creation in proper way leads to comfortable meditation as well the goal that rises creative ideas of previous determination for glittered thoughts for passing inner mind glowing white marble in a clear obvious way.

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