Amer Hasan fashion designer

Amer Hasan fashion designer

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left his country in 2014 to Finland. The journey began with a journey full of work and exhaustion. He completed his studies in Finnish and studied fashion design again in Finland. After while time he was surprised by his new works and became a difficult figure in Finland. Amer Hassan was distinguished by the rest of the designers. Everything in his hand from design, embroidery, cutting, sewing and even hairstyle, in the new Amer’s Group met the models of the Mermaid, which is characterized by its dense story of the textures, which gradually expand to the edge, the presentation is characterized by a charming touch and color in addition to silk and the queens fly like For mattresses on the podium ..
His collection was colorful and colorful and the designs are wonderful for the creative and creative Amer Hasan and talk about the accuracy and quality of the cloth and distinctive designs made by his mother
Amer Hasan pointed out that he designed fashion in his style of simplicity West more.

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