The Egyptian Icon

By: Heba Mostafa

The strength of nations is measured by its fertility of the production of men, they are the fruit of its history spanning time.

My love to my country prompted me to write with letters of light and fire. It is a testimony in the name of a man who does not make him famous or earns reputation, a man who has a proven history record of numerous and many tournaments witnessed by the enemy before the friend without exaggeration. He is the pride of the Egyptian military and the Egyptian soldier. One of the pioneers of the Nasser Military Academy is one of the heroes of the system of challenge and honor. He participated in many tournaments as well as in clearing an important part of the Egyptian entity of Freemasons and hired to assassinate the Egyptian free body. He succeeded in graduating many generations with knowledge, Facing the dimensions of Egyptian national security, the Arab region and the Middle East.

A flame mixed with opinion and firmness and experience in situations and hardships as one of the symbols with contributions to the history of mankind, the richest songs are sacrificing all the gal in order to preserve the survival of the nation and raised .. National right of a unique kind does not ask a lot but it gives a lot and a lot for a healthy country recovering from any A scourge of the brotherhood pests that permeate the joints of the state, especially the vital institutions.

He loves the homeland with the spirit of positive, moderate realism, far from what we are now suffering from the national drones and the chanting slogans to no avail.

Congratulations to the Egyptian aviation sector to see this stature among us modest and sincere, «human», strict management and feat, I do not say this courtesy, but the truth and the testimony that gave it by everyone who met him, there are really some people impose respect you do not be embarrassed. To say in them a right word .. And a fair stand they deserve. Life in the artery of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and returned hope in the hearts of the vulnerable and fear and hatred in the hearts of stakeholders, blew Alkir tenants once and the brothers at other times and began to fade Unsound policy and kidnapped and carried out and began to consider strengthening the infrastructure of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and its subsidiaries and applied a policy ) And unite in the entity of the family …… Yes, in accordance with what the leadership of the political messages of human construction through a series of plans that correspond to the possibilities and without the consideration of the tongue prostitution is a good intention and good goal … … God appointed to the people of evil These are the men who have died Their nations ….. serve the interests of the country and contribute to its renaissance in the vicinity of the effects of the devastation Freemason, underdevelopment, corruption, nepotism and failure at various levels.

If it is not worthy of this conscious national character full of humanity, nobility and high-mindedness. Yes, hope returned to the Egyptian aviation sector, with the support of General Younis Al-Masri. Transparency and clarity came back and closer to be more tender. To achieve the benefit and benefit of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, this man deserves his religion, his country and his community to continue to give to his nation. These men do not want their work reward or thanks … Insisted to do good, and found the acceptance and respect as our era clearly this system of the best World armies

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