Magdy Sadek writes: “Washington Post” and hunting “Khashoggi” against the army of “bees”!

On the streets of Paris and among its cafés, I kept looking for the cafes where Jean-Paul Sartre created his plays and creations in Saint-Germain, both the Flore and Demagou cafes where I prepared a book entitled “Scattered papers at the Jean-Paul Sartre Theater”. Having lost all the origins of my writings about this creative existential philosopher!

But the play flies to Sartre and I follow the events of the film about the “game” intelligence in the “Booker” assassinations, kidnapping and investment what is happening in the media and political, which is!

The Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was keen to play the role of “Orist” in the play of flies (written in 1943) by the committees of Paul Sartre, although he participated in the establishment of the army “bees” to confront the electronic “fly army” Saudi Arabia!

Khashoggi was not only a journalist but a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to Daily Watch, a website dedicated to monitoring the activities of the Brotherhood’s international organization. Khashoggi also supported all related activities and projects that serve the Muslim Brotherhood, Post the mouthpiece of the international organization of the Brotherhood and all radical terrorist organizations have allocated space to be a weekly platform for Khashoggi against the Kingdom and its political surroundings!

Khashoggi was a close friend of Murd Hoffman, a prominent German Muslim Brotherhood member and group leader in the United States, such as Mazmil Siddiqui, late Taha al-Alwani, Islami, a terrorist in the United States, Yassin Abdullah Qadi, and Tariq Ramadan, grandson of Brotherhood founder Hasan al-Banna. Tunisia Rashed Ghannouchi, who interviewed the Washington Post in January 2014, falsely claimed that the International Union of Muslim Scholars, headed by the leader of the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood Yusuf Qaradawi, is a moderate religious organization away from any “political goal” and To print all of these and others were in the “nen eye” Washington Post US newspaper ancient and widespread as they employ “Washington Post”

In September 2011, the Washington Post published a report on the Dar al-Hijra mosque in Washington and its imam (Jawhari Abd al-Malik). Although it is a center for the Brotherhood, in its coverage of the report, it ignored all this and lied to its readers that the members of the mosque’s board They are conservatives (although the constitution of the mosque requires four members of the board of directors to be nine of the heads of the major Muslim Brotherhood organizations and those who support the principles of the group and the strange ones who frequent the mosque, many of them are accused of terrorism-related issues!

The Washington Post journalists were recruited to defend the Brotherhood when Glenn Kessler wrote in his newspaper that he had investigated a series of allegations made by Roger Stone, a former top adviser to Republican candidate Donald Trump, about helping Hillary Clinton in her campaign from Ahwaniya (Homa Abdeen) Homa is responsible for Muslim women in the United States, which includes nearly 86 Islamic organizations, all linked to the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, organizations that contribute, of course, to the donations of Hamas on the one hand and Al Qaeda on the other!

Interestingly, the Washington Post and its founder, Stislon Hutchins, in 1877, never thought that his newspaper, which he founded, had turned to defend the terrorists whose news, bulletins, death threats, and bombings all came to the fore. Two days ago, the Washington Post published paragraphs of a dialogue called “Prince of Caliphs in Egypt” Al-Nabaa weekly newspaper issued by an organization calling on Telegram without mentioning his name by targeting places of gatherings and interests of Christians, army, police and places of government interests and places of care of the Crusader West countries in Egypt !!

If both Woodward and Karl Bernstein in the 1970s had won the biggest “crap” that caused US President Richard Nixon to resign over the Watergate deal, the prestigious paper received nearly 57 Pulitzer and 268 White House awards, The Washington Post has taken a serious political turn when sponsoring the terrorist group and its radical terrorist groups and embracing them through their writings, covering their news, activities, and defense with lies, committing the same “President Nixon” follies and washing of another kind to this group and its brothers!

The Washington Post and no one else have published leaks and recordings of a Saudi dissident who has been granted political asylum in Canada and is behind the “spoiling” of Saudi-Canadian relations. Saudi opposition leader Omar Abdel Aziz has revealed to the Washington Post his allegation of attempts by the Saudi authorities to hunt down dissidents abroad and tempt them The return of money and security through the records of 10 hours, although it is the right of any country, including the major democratic countries to pursue its opponents in order to protect its national security from any external interference Omar Abdel Aziz, who arrived Canada student on a mission at McGill University in 2009 is the password for what happened to Jamal Khashoggi and F After Saudi Arabia asked the Canadian ambassador to leave the country within 24 hours and decided to recall her ambassador in Canada against the backdrop of criticisms of Ottawa to the Kingdom on the human rights file,

Canada had demanded the release of human rights activist Samar Badawi, 37 years old, which arrested the times because of disobeying her parents and family differences have turned between overnight into a political activist has completed her education until the fifth primary, even though it comes from a tribe “fennel”, but she was able to marry a lawyer, a human rights activist, is the other named Walid Abu Khair without the family and her father, who consent described her marriage “Bambassah” and even see the tragedy that makes you start in “chuckling” that the six Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State at that time in 2012 the volume awarded Samar Badawi, the bravest international Prize women in the world only because it The case of “muscle” (A. Prevention of marriage) against her father and considered by the US State Department leader!

This is some of what was promoted by Omar Abdul Aziz, who became a fan of Twitter during the Arab spring revolutions. He presented a mock program on YouTube and appeared to be one of the tools of conspiracies against the peoples. He established an intimate friendship with Jamal Khashoggi after leaving the Kingdom in 2009, On a new sabotage project against the Kingdom and its political environment, including Egypt, and the plan was to establish an electronic army called “bees” to counter “elements of flies” as they called supporters and opponents of them and the plan to buy chips, “Sim Card”Canadian and American figures can be used by those in Saudi Arabia. Twitter accounts should be checked. These activists fear that their Saudi numbers will be confused with their accounts for fear of being monitored and arrested and allocated 200 SIM cards for this purpose. The project will produce a short film depicting the way the new Saudi leadership is running the country, “Democracy in the Arab World Now!”

Although Omar Abdul Aziz met two Saudi men at the Juliette Iche-la-Cala cafe in Montreal to congratulate him on attacking Saudi Arabia and returning to the kingdom, which paid him 421,000 dollars for his mission to serve his homeland, he refused, while one confirmed that Khashoggi was a “headache” He is thinking of returning.

Khashoggi was at the head of those wanted by the kingdom, and there were press reports confirming that Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered Khashoggi to be kidnapped and forced to return to Saudi Arabia after he had enough of Khashoggi’s moves against the Kingdom, Egypt and the UAE in particular. He played the role of Doppler in the Qatari crisis and the “Orist” Khashoggi became the “dark horse” used by the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood to incite and seduce nations, as Khashoggi wrote in his rented area in the Washington Post, which was overrun by its current administration: The eradication of the Islamists is no less than the abolition of democracy, The evil of corrupt authoritarian regimes, quoting the Iraqi friend Rasha Maher, Khashoggi said that this means the continuation of the causes of chaos and extremism and the hordes of refugees, which affects the political mood in Europe and the world!

But Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdul Aziz has called for the release of 18 security leaders, including Saudi intelligence vice president Ahmad Asiri, who is close to the Crown Prince, along with five of the organization’s leaders, and Saud bin Abdullah Al-Qahtani, advisor to the royal court, who blocked the way to Qatar to invest these decisions to undermine the reputation of the kingdom so that the statement of the Muslim World League headed by the Kingdom’s mufti, the head of the Supreme Council of the Association Sheikh Abdul Troyh for the crimes of laundering fabricated materials Aziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh, Evil, including spending on media rental media promotion of the crimes of fabricated materials to be passed down in their credibility. “

If the Saudi authorities have formally admitted Khashoggi’s death after a “quarrel” in his consulate in Istanbul after 18 days of absence, the situation is ambiguous and ambiguous, especially after the Turkish staff working inside the consulate are summoned to investigate the circumstances. It was easy to catch him from anywhere and do not forget what the Israeli intelligence Mossad did when he caught the last of the Nazis, who survived the Nuremberg trials, Adolf Eichmann, and how one of the Mossad men managed to kill him. Eichmann was kidnapped in five seconds, but the operation was for 12 seconds!

Gina Haskell, the CIA chief, came to find the mystery while Trump has senior Turkish intelligence officials to break up the puzzle and invest it for Turkey, especially since Erdogan suggested to the kingdom that the 18 people responsible for Khashoggi’s death be tried in Istanbul, He said that he did not doubt the sincerity of Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz. At the same time, many journalists and journalists surround the building of the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in anticipation of Orist’s body, which he is said to have taken as a “local collaborator,” Erdogan said. To solve “and perhaps Omar Abdel Aziz will be the next fishing!

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